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I no longer have a static office; however, I do have access to a conference room located at a law firm here in town.  Depositions can also be held at your offices or via Zoom.

I use multi-channel digital software to record all proceedings, while taking notes onto a laptop. The digital recording system is similar to the digital recording systems used in many courtrooms nationwide.   I can provide CD/DVD copies of the audio and videotapes as well.

 Video Services
I provide videotaping services, eliminating the additional cost and logistical considerations associated with an independent videographer. In addition to depositions, I provide video services for any needs you may have, including the signing of wills, site documentation, and Independent Medical Examinations.



I provide both digital audio and video recordings and subsequent transcripts for any proceeding including:

  • Federal, State, and local government meetings and/or hearings

  • Administrative hearings

  • Arbitrations


Transcription Services

I  can provide you transcripts from proceedings we record or from any media recording that you provide, including:

  • Court and Grand Jury proceedings

  • Appeals, which we will file with court for you and provide a conformed copy

  • Workers' Compensation hearings

  • City Council meetings

  • Borough Assembly meetings

  • Insurance statements

  • Investigative interviews and statements

  • Hearings

  • Video recordings

  • Public Comments hearings

  • Village Government-to-Government meetings, Section 106 meetings, etc. 

  • Zoom Webinars

  • Police and Trooper body cam recordings

  • 911 audio recordings

  • Recorded Interviews

Transcript Delivery

Transcripts are provided in electronic form in both full and condensed formats.  

  • Your transcript can be sent in ASCII, Lexis Nexis, Amicus, Summation, and .pdf formats. 

  • You have the ability to navigate through your transcript instantly because we link it to an index of your transcript. Click on a word in the index and instantly zoom to that section of the transcript.

  • All exhibits are attached and easy to view in the .pdf format from within the transcript.



My name is Marci Lynch.  Fairbanks has been my home since 1971.  I have two daughters, both married, with five grandkids. 

I purchased this well-established business from Liz D'Amour & Associates  August 1st, 2015.  I worked for Liz many years prior to this acquisition, and was well-trained by her. 

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