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Whether scheduling one deposition or planning multiple days of public hearings, my firm is your one-call resource for Interior Alaska. My team of court reporters has over 20 years of combined experience providing the highest quality product with exceptional service. We are conveniently located across the street from the state courthouse. Schedule your next deposition with us.



Depositions can be held in my offices, the location of your choice, via Zoom or telephonically.  I have a large conference room and provide coffee, tea, water, and snacks. Telephone,  photocopier, and complimentary WiFi are also available for your use.

  • Exhibit handling:

When preparing for your event in Fairbanks, e-mail your exhibits to us ahead of time. We will have your requested duplicates prepared when you arrive. 

We use multi-channel digital software to record all proceedings, while taking notes onto a laptop. The digital recording system is similar to the digital recording systems used in many courtrooms nationwide.   I can provide CD/DVD copies of the audio and videotapes as well.

I travel to the outlying areas of the Fairbanks North Star Borough, as well as the remote villages of Alaska.

 Video Services


We provide videotaping services, eliminating the additional cost and logistical considerations associated with an independent videographer. In addition to depositions, I provide video services for any needs you may have, including the signing of wills, site documentation, and Independent Medical Examinations.


We provide both digital audio and video recordings and subsequent transcripts for any proceeding including:

  • Federal, State, and local government meetings and/or hearings

  • Administrative hearings

  • Arbitrations


Transcription Services

We can provide you transcripts from proceedings we record or from any media recording that you provide, including:

  • Court and Grand Jury proceedings

  • Appeals, which we will file with court for you and provide a conformed copy

  • Workers' Compensation hearings

  • City Council meetings

  • Borough Assembly meetings

  • Insurance statements

  • Investigative interviews and statements

  • Hearings

  • Video recordings

  • Public Comments hearings

  • Village Government-to-Government meetings, Section 106 meetings, etc. 

  • Zoom Webinars

  • Police and Trooper body cam recordings

  • 911 audio recordings

  • Recorded Interviews

Transcript Delivery

Transcripts are provided in printed and/or electronic form in both full and condensed formats.  If requested, printed copies of your transcript will be hand-delivered to our local clients or sent via the method of choice to out-of-town clients.

  • We can send your transcript in ASCII, Lexis Nexis, Amicus, Summation, and .pdf formats. 

  • We provide you with the ability to navigate through your transcript instantly because we link it to an index of your transcript. Click on a word in the index and instantly zoom to that section of the transcript.

  • All exhibits are attached and easy to view in the .pdf format from within the transcript.

Our Office is Your Office

Because of the limited flight schedules, you may arrive in Fairbanks with time to spare before your deposition or have several hours before you depart. We offer full use of our office and WiFi.  I am conveniently located across the street from the State courthouse.



My name is Marci Lynch.  Fairbanks has been my home since 1971.  I have two daughters, both married, with five grandkids. 

I purchased this well-established business from Liz D'Amour & Associates  August 1st, 2015.  I worked for Liz many years prior to this acquisition, and was well-trained by her. 

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